Cervello APPS

The IoT application development platform that makes your deployments easier, your applications faster, and your users happier

Cervello APPS is changing the landscape of IoT application development by providing a framework for developing IoT applications with speed, agility, and scalability. Our cloud-based, low-code IoT development platform lets you build user interfaces, manage business logic, and orchestrate your processes with a fraction of the cost and time invested in traditional development.

Faster Time-to-Market

Build more effective, integrated, and automated applications with fewer resources, fewer expenses, and fewer complexities.

Better Interoperability

Develop business logic workflows on your back-end and then orchestrate how they connect on your front-end interface.

Easier Scalability

Create dynamic business-critical applications with agility and scale them quickly to accommodate your growth needs.

More than just another IoT application development platform…

Built for professional and citizen developers alike, Cervello APPS reduces coding time and accelerates both time-to-market and time-to-value through its modular, accessible, and intuitive components. It allows you and your business users to codify and model your business logic and processes, accelerate system integration and deployment automation, and enhance productivity and adoption through advanced usability.

Application User Interface

Create aesthetic and functional user interfaces that enhance the user experience of the back-office and front-office teams using your IoT applications.

Design, personalise, and customise real-time web interfaces that look great and function seamlessly without the need for extensive development. Cervello Application User Interface allows you to quickly build intuitive and engaging interfaces that serve back-office and front-office users and include everything they need, from forms to tables, lists, cards, charts, and maps.

Enhanced User Experiences

Create customised back-office and front-office interfaces that provide improved user experiences for administrators and end-users with minimal coding.

Enhanced Front-End Functionalities

Use Cervello drag and drop, low-code components library to enable back-office users to create, read, update, or delete data records.

Enhanced Back-End Functionalities

Use Cervello drag and drop, low-code components library to enable front-office users to visualise assets and functionality trends.

Application DataSource

Break data silos and create more business value by connecting your application with any DataSource to pull, query, transform and edit your entities in one place.

Cervello Application DataSource allows you to collect data from multiple DataSources, whether databases, systems APIs, Message Buses, or protocol brokers. Pull your data easily, query your entities seamlessly, and transform them within one centralised place so that you can break the data silos and create more business value.

Agnostic Data Collection

Pull your data from your DataSource of choice (SQL, NoSQL, or columns database) using your technology of choice (SOAP APIs, RESTful APIs, or protocol brokers).

Agnostic Integration

Integrate your application with your legacy or future systems using different enterprise integration patterns such as File Transfer, Shared Databases, RPC, or Messaging.

Application Workflows

Build intuitive workflows that connect your devices, automate your processes, and streamline your business logic to orchestrate your entire IoT project.

Cervello Application Workflows bridges the gap between your operations' business and technical sides, allowing you to integrate your IoT devices into your business processes. Designed for developers and business executives alike, Cervello's low-code capabilities make it easy for anyone to create workflows that enhance collaboration and improve operational efficiencies between IT and OT.

Automated Orchestration

Automate complex interactions between systems, processes, data, and people to orchestrate and manage your business processes more efficiently.

Automated Decision Making

Create rules to trigger automated alarms, events, and actions or make data-driven decisions with our easy-to-use Rules Engine.

Automated Communication

Automate or schedule notifications, emails, or SMSs to different users, depending on their user roles and the required level of escalation.

Application Accounts Manager - Coming Soon

Manage user and application access rights with granular control to ensure compliance with role-based permission and security policies and reduce time to market.

Cervello Application Accounts Manager provides flexible role-based user access control so you can easily manage multiple clients and users and their access rights to your application resources. By defining user roles, mapping them to selected resources, and granting them specific access rights, you can quickly scale deployments and minimise time spent on provisioning.

Fine-Grained Access Control

Manage your application's authorisation to enhance its security using our fine-grained access capabilities that set permission policies for who gets to see what.

Consolidated User Management

Manage the authentication of your application users by creating different profiles and groups depending on their roles for enhanced identity management and security.

Consolidated API Permissions

Manage the permissions of external applications that integrate with your workflows to allow or restrict external access to specific internal resources or actions.

Application Subscription Manager – Coming Soon

Extend your business value, opportunities, and revenue streams by creating and managing your customers' subscription plans in one centralised space.

The Cervello Application Subscription Manager streamlines the creation and administration of your application's subscription plans and enables you to offer quick upgrades, coupons, and add-ons. By managing your plans and seeing where revenue is coming from in one place, you can react quickly to changing market conditions, identify new opportunities, and extend your revenue streams.

Extended Monetisation

Create value-based pricing models that maximise your revenues by bundling your features and offering different subscription plans, coupons, and add-ons.

Extended Opportunities

Create more business value by applying SaaS business model techniques, such as up-selling and cross-selling, across various applications or products. 

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