Cervello THINGS

An advanced low-code IoT platform for the seamless onboarding, management, operation, and integration of Things

Merging low-code development with advanced IoT device management and real-time monitoring in one centralised platform, Cervello THINGS provides a modern approach to administering your entire IoT ecosystem. It utilises state-of- the-art technology and user-centric design principles to offer a comprehensive IoT platform for managing your entire IoT project—with less development and operational efforts.

Easy Device Management

Connect, organise, view, and administer all of your IoT devices in one place for faster deployments, fewer costs, and higher efficiencies.

Seamless Integration

Integrate your systems and connect your devices and applications without worrying about connectivity, compatibility, or security.

Greater Insights

Get greater insight into the state of your devices through Digital Twinning for more accurate forecasting and better data- based business decisions.

More than just another IoT platform…

As an intuitive, fully functional IoT platform, Cervello THINGS can be used to model your asset-device topology and provision, connect, diagnose, troubleshoot, collect data from, and send commands to any Thing, including your IoT assets, devices, and systems. Its agnostic capabilities allow easy integration with your legacy systems, enabling you to achieve optimum efficiencies while reducing long-term costs.

Things Inventory

Onboard, authenticate, connect, and communicate any Thing with Cervello THINGS' auto-provisioning, commissioning, and data modelling tools.

Accelerate onboarding and connect your IoT devices to the cloud through this first layer of our IoT device management platform. With its intuitive user interface and advanced capabilities, Things Inventory allows you to unify the auto-provisioning and commissioning of your IoT devices. It also enables easy profile modelling to configure your devices with minimal coding requirements.

Agnostic Connectivity Technology

Connect different devices using connectivity technologies such as LPWAN (LoRa, Narrow Band, and SigFox) or IP (Internet or local networks).

Agnostic Communication Protocol

Transmit data through different devices and platforms using communication protocols such as MQTT, CoAP, BACnet TCP/IP, Modbus TCP/IP, or SNMP.

Agnostic Authentication Method

Use different authentication methods such as Basic Authentication or Advanced Authentication (OAuth or PKI).

Things Manager

Manage your entire IoT project on a centralised platform and maintain, group, and automate any Thing to achieve optimum control and efficiency.

Extend the possibilities of your IoT project and add value to your business by creating an easy-to-use that manages, labels, groups, filters, and deletes your Things in one place. Things Manager helps you control your IoT devices, group them to create smart scenes, and automate them to respond quickly to significant events.

Less Downtime

Keep a complete audit trail of your devices and their current and historical status through device management and debugging.

Efficient Management

Achieve operational efficiencies by initiating bulk actions across multiple devices, such as labelling, grouping, deleting, and filtering.

Easy Configuration

Allow devices to behave more responsively to different configurations using pre-built command templates and command queues.

Things Operations

Model any physical topology, monitor events and alarms for situational awareness and take real-time action for efficient operations.

Visualise and orchestrate the complex interactions between people, processes, and devices to respond proactively to changing operational situations. As the foundation of automating your processes, Things Operations enables you to monitor events, receive alarms, and create SOPs across layers, platforms, and devices for better situational awareness, allowing you to execute scheduled actions or make decisions based on real-time conditions.

Mapped Physical Topology

Reflect your physical topologies and visualise complex relations between your different assets through the platform's site mapping component.

Mapped Logical Topology

Use the site mapping component to visualise the logical network between devices according to your pre-defined physical topologies.

Advanced Situational Awareness

Stay informed and track the status of your devices by creating personalised events and alarms that alert you of risks in real-time before they become critical.

Advanced SOPs

Create advanced standard operating procedures (SOPs) to prevent human errors and miscommunication and reduce incident costs and time on field maintenance.

Things Integration

Extract, export, and off-board data from any connected device to any system, in any form, and for any use.

Make data-based decisions for your business by extracting and transforming data from any connected device and exporting it in the form and use you want. Things Integration enables you to make the most of your data, whether you need a single function processing all your remote device data or a sophisticated system that transfers information across tens of thousands of devices.

Seamless Data Pulling

Extract and view your data through pull techniques (public RESTful APIs with responses in JSON) or our intuitive graphical UI (CSV, JSON).

Seamless Data Pushing

Automate the sending of real-time data to other platforms and applications through various push techniques (Webhooks or Message Broker).

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