Because success starts with culture…

At iotblue, we believe that our culture is our most significant competitive advantage and the key to our growth and success. Our culture is more than just an expression of how we think and what we do on a day-to-day basis. It's a reflection of our business values and a demonstration of what we truly stand for. And our environment fuels creativity and resourcefulness in all of us, inspiring our people to think differently.

Our cultural values

To create a unique culture that keeps us focused on what matters most, we developed 9 cultural values central to achieving our objectives, and we live by these values every day. This inspiring culture allows us to travel the deeper, more prosperous, most rewarding path—the path that embraces empathy, trust, resilience, and bravery. It is this culture that incites our journey towards creating a smart, seamless future.

We're human

We like to think of ourselves as human experts. We're human first and technologists second. And we're committed to using technology to create a world of better human and technological connections. From smart homes to smart cities and smart industries, we're adamant about building a human-first, IoT-driven future that makes the world smarter, safer, and happier.

We're sustainable

We promote sustainability from the inside out. Not only do we develop ground-breaking IoT products that focus on creating a sustainable future, but we also implement sustainability practices when developing these products. We constantly aim to lower our energy usage, consume less space on our servers, and reduce our carbon footprint—following a green computing approach.

We're connected

As we build a more connected world through our IoT products, we stand for connecting with ourselves and those around us. We break silos within our organisation and bridge gaps between our teams through group events and extracurricular activities that boost morale and bonding. We also make sure to take time off our busy schedules to achieve a work-life balance.

We lead with empathy

Everything we do is meant to bring social good and positive change. Empathy is at the heart of our company's culture, and we strongly believe in caring about what we do, caring about how we do it, and caring about the people who do it with us. We work in small teams where everyone has an essential role in contributing positively to our local communities, economies, and the world.

We nurture innovation

Our culture fosters curiosity and out-of-the-box ideas. We believe that innovation lies at the intersection of technology, design, and humanity. That's why we encourage our people to use technology and empathy to drive the innovation process without micromanagement or ego clashes—in an environment where they feel comfortable developing the next big thing, even if it's small.

We share knowledge

Both horizontally and vertically, we encourage openness and knowledge sharing—moving beyond the silos of traditional organisations and bridging gaps between our people, customers, and partners. Our culture provides a place where knowledge is easily shared and readily accessible for everyone. This stimulates creativity and innovation, increasing our people's participation, productivity, and competitiveness.

We're problem-solvers

We're a customer-centric, laser-focused team of problem solvers who believe that technology should be used as a tool to unlock new possibilities, not as a shortcut to meet short-term business objectives. We identify the pain points of our customers and partners, think about their problems in an objective way, and create solutions that get the job done fast and easy.

We're the change we want to see

We are a passionate team of transformation enthusiasts. Our culture challenges the status quo and pushes for continuous improvement. We know that amplifying technology breakthroughs to deliver innovative solutions and experiences will help us change our world. That's why we work hard to set the bar high, leaving no stone unturned in our pursuit of changing the future.

Our culture makes everyday life easy for us, our customers, our partners, and the world.

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