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A centralised platform to visualise, track, and manage your entire Cervello-based IoT project.

Plan, execute, and administer your IoT project through a single integrated workspace management platform. MyCervello takes the complexity and uncertainty out of managing your IoT project with tools that enable you to administer your project’s assets and resources, resource allocation, and data usage and consumption. Designed to serve Cervello’s developers and business users, MyCervello makes workspace management simple, seamless, and timely — freeing up more time and resources to focus on building your IoT project.

Full control

Keep track of your devices, assets, and resources to visualise and control your IoT projects horizontally.

Easy Management

Manage your Cervello accounts, subscription plan, projects’ activities, and resource allocation.

Better Teamwork

Simplify workflows by creating teams, inviting members, and assigning user roles.

An intuitive platform with 4 simple modules

MyCervello Instances

Start your Cervello project by creating an instance — in an instant.
my cervello

MyCervello Workspaces

Create a workspace to add, edit, and oversee your assets and resources.

MyCervello Teams

Build teams, invite members, and assign user roles across your project.

MyCervello Subscriptions

Manage your subscription plan and track resource allocation and usage.

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