Driving the world towards a smart, sustainable future

The future world is a connected world. And our future-ready IoT platform, products, and services are designed to help you build smart solutions that overcome today's operational and industrial challenges.

We empower systems integrators, independent software vendors, and developers with the IoT technology, tools, and support they need to build smart IoT solutions for a sustainable future


The ultimate low-code IoT stack for digital and industrial transformation

Cervello IoT Suite is an end-to-end IoT stack that helps every composite business, seasoned developer, and everyday citizen contribute to building a better future. We've created an easy-to-use stack of IoT products and tools to help you design, build, and scale your IoT projects with minimal obstacles and optimal outcomes. With its hyper-automation framework and low-code attributes, Cervello enables you to do more than create IoT solutions—it allows you to leverage the full power of IoT in digital and industrial transformation.

Why IoTBlue

why IoTBlue

Cancel the Silo Culture

Your devices, sensors and assets don't 
need to work in silos anymore. Extend the operational capabilities of every part of your business for complete visibility and control. You can now connect anything, anywhere to our secure, scalable, and interoperable IoT platform — no matter what language, framework, or legacy system you use.

Turn Big Data to Big Business

Why guess when you have complete clarity? Our IoT products and services enable you to make smarter decisions faster with a comprehensive, real-time view of business data across your business ecosystem. Now you can seamlessly transform your data into meaningful insights that help you achieve your business objectives.

IoT Products

Low-code IoT products for easy-to-build IoT solutions
Low-Code IoT Platform

An intuitive, low-code IoT platform that allows you to onboard, manage, operate, and integrate any Thing, giving you complete flexibility and total control over your IoT project.

The Low-Code IoT Application Development Platform

A low-code application development platform that allows you to develop user interfaces, manage business logic, and orchestrate processes to achieve optimum operational experiences.

IoT Solutions

Streamlined IoT solutions for enhanced IoT experiences

As the smart world maker and IoT enabler, we're on a journey to lead the transformation towards a connected future through our IoT products and solutions.
smart cities
Smart Cities

Seamlessly monitor, manage, and control your smart city with a sustainable approach that meets the future needs of citizens and communities.

industrial IoT
Industrial IoT

Connect, monitor, and manage your manufacturing units and processes to optimise operations, increase efficiencies, and identify obstacles.

enterprise solutions
Enterprise Solutions

Harness the full power of digital transformation by deploying innovative IoT solutions that allow you to grow, scale, and improve operational efficiencies.

IoT Services

IoT services that ensure the success of your IoT project

Professional Services

From consultancy to solution architecture, our professional services are designed to digitally transform entire operations and industries

Value-Added Services

From IoT adoption to training and support, our value-added services are designed to ensure the continuity and success of your IoT project.

About IoTBlue

The Smarter World is Here

The IoT industry is booming as the world treads fast into the future. Businesses and governments are looking to deploy IoT solutions for smart manufacturing, smart cities, smart energy management, smart waste management, and much more. And at iotblue, we're reinventing the IoT landscape by making IoT technologies available and accessible to anyone at any scale. Together with our partners, customers, and communities, we can help create a smarter, better world for everyone.

Building a more sustainable future

We believe in a better future and aspire for a smarter, better-connected world. That's what drives us to build IoT products that accelerate the democratisation of technology and the digital transformation of cities and industries—focusing on simplicity and sustainability.

Bridging the gap between IT and OT

We simplify the application of IoT concepts and techniques to bridge the gap between Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT). Our STEM IoT platform serves as an application enablement platform to build and scale your IoT project.

Making everyday life easy

What we offer is more than just advanced IoT products and services that make everyday life easy. We promise an enriching experience that demonstrates how seamless and efficient your daily life can be using IoT. It's this IoT experience that makes all the difference.

…and more than just IoT experts

We're a team of tinkerers, thinkers, and high achievers. Our goal is to create more sustainable communities by transforming the world into a smarter place for everyone. And we're dedicated to helping the world live more sustainably through innovative technology.

Are you ready to build a smart, 
sustainable, and streamlined future?

We'd love to discuss how we can make that happen.