An end-to-end ecosystem of IoT products that enables you to design, build, and deploy IoT solutions with minimal obstacles and optimal outcomes.

Leverage the full power of IoT in digital and industrial transformation with Cervello IoT Suite. Through our innovative stack of low-code IoT products, we work towards democratising technology and enabling systems integrators, software companies, and developers to build smart IoT solutions for a sustainable future.

Why IoTBlue

why IoTBlue

Cancel the Silo Culture

Your devices, sensors and assets don't 
need to work in silos anymore. Extend the operational capabilities of every part of your business for complete visibility and control. You can now connect anything, anywhere to our secure, scalable, and interoperable IoT platform — no matter what language, framework, or legacy system you use.

Turn Big Data to Big Business

Why guess when you have complete clarity? Our IoT products and services enable you to make smarter decisions faster with a comprehensive, real-time view of business data across your business ecosystem. Now you can seamlessly transform your data into meaningful insights that help you achieve your business objectives.

IoT Operation Centres

Advanced IoT Operations Centres for complete interoperability, clear visibility, and enhanced security for your entire operations
Cervello Cities

Seamlessly monitor, manage, and control your smart city with a sustainable approach that meets the future needs of citizens and communities.

Cervello Spaces

Connect, monitor, and manage all applications within your smart space, whether it’s an educational campus, gated community, technology park, or sports complex.

Are you ready to build a smart, sustainable, and streamlined future?

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