Why work at iotblue?

World-Challenging Projects + World-Class Training = Life-Changing Career

As a people-centric company, we are committed to providing a balanced and rewarding workplace for our employees. We take pride in our unique skillsets and promote individuality, creativity, and teamwork. We value our culture, our houses, our tribes, our people, and what we create. When we work together, we create some pretty incredible things that can change the world—or simply make it a more exciting place to live!

Employee benefits

When you work at iotblue, you’ll have access to all the knowledge, tools, and space you need to learn, grow, innovate, and excel — allowing you to develop personally and professionally.

Flexible Working Hours

It’s more about productivity and less about the number of hours you put in.

Flexible Time Off

Work-life balance and paid time off is crucial for both your and our success.

Clear Career Path

Goals can be reached when you can see the road ahead, and we’ll help you see it.

Fun in the Workplace

With fun being a core iotblue value, we encourage finding joy at the workplace.

Competitive Salary

We compensate our people on par with the global market and apply fair salary scales.

Health Insurance

We provide individual and family healthcare insurance for all people of iotblue.

Together as one, the iotblue team is on a mission to lead the world towards a more connected future. ​

Want to be part of this connected future?